Autumn ~ Spiritual Growth

This Blog is directed but not limited to Women... 

Earlier this month I had gone through yet another shift in my life. As Autumn approached I realized it was time to do some shedding so I can allow growth to emerge. 

It's time to dig a little deeper into the know of who I am and where I am going. 

Like many, I pray, meditate, spend time alone, spend time with those I love. I tap into my thoughts to find out what it is my soul is yearning for now. 

I found that what I need at this time is to continue to shed. As we all continue to grow, mature, heal, and move forward...You are constantly changing in the process. Said changes requires you to shed the old and welcome the new. Just like the process that takes place in Autumn. 

My soul has been yearning for Me to acknowledge It. Hmmm. Yes. My soul has been yearning for Me to acknowledge It. 

In order to do so I must acknowledge Me. 

Spiritual growth is encouraged. I talk to my daughters often, I introduce wisdom to them, and I support their beliefs and the journey that they must take to become whole within themselves. 

We are a spiritual circle. 

So are you in a space of shedding so you can welcome in the new? In what ways are you doing so? 

We will be spending the next few months indulging in a Powerfully written guide; Sacred Women by Queen Afua. There are many teachings in this guide. Depending upon what your Soul/Spirit is in need of will determine what your focus will be on. 


We encourage everyone to dig deep. Pay attention to the things you must rid yourself of. Prepare yourself for the "new" to come. Take a journey within yourself and take your time while doing so. 

We will be checking in to see where everyone is in their journey as we will be sharing ours.