Everything is Just Peachy! Vaginal Hygiene

Vaginal Hygiene has taken on a world of it's own. Every where you turn there's vaginal steams, over eating of fruits, and vaginal supplements out there to improve the vagina's health.

Practicing these things may work for sure however, there is one simple technique that can be done to ensure vaginal hygiene before going to the extreme. 

Simply wash your vagina regularly with warm water. Mild soap can be used on the outside of the vagina but avoid applying the soap in the folds of the vulva.. It is not recommended to use soaps, fragrances, or douche in this area as it can disrupt the vagina's PH. 

Let's go there...

If you are sexually active, you want to be sure to wash your vagina before and after sex. This will prevent unwanted bacteria from "hanging around". This will also ensure freshness and a natural aroma of the vagina rather than manipulating it with unnatural fragrances.

Another important jewel to remember....Let "her" Breathe! It's okay to go without clothes/underwear for a while. Think of how a tight pair or jeans feel. Can you imagine what "she's" going through? Let it all hang out from time to time. 

During your period it is best to use all natural sanitary napkins or tampons. Be sure to change your tampons often. Drink plenty of water during this time as it helps with maintaining a healthy PH balance. 

So ladies...It is okay to have your vaginal steams and eat your pineapples/fruit but be sure to take care of the basics for your vaginal health and hygiene.