Happy Holidays...How are You?

Peace and Blessings Everyone, 

This time of year can bring out the best in people. Love will suddenly fill the air, things that once mattered won't matter any more, and life suddenly feels really good. 

The twinkling lights that swarms the neighborhoods reminds me of childhood dreams, bright things, and possibilities. 

The sweet smell of winter green, hot cocoa, and holiday bliss...Can't it feel like this forever?

This feeling does not reside in all. For some, it is a bitter time of year. Funds aren't available to splurge on their families, some do not have a family, and some are missing loved ones that were once here. 

This time can be a dark place...


We want to wish each and every one of you Peace, Blessings, and Love during this time. You are not a lone. You are loved. You are wanted/needed. You are here and have a purpose. 


Love Always,