How Often Should You Use Your Sugar Scrub?



Hello My Majestic Treasures! 

We are often asked: How often should you use your sugar scrub? 

It all depends on your skin type. 

If you have dry skin and need extra moisture, we would recommend that you use your sugar scrub once or twice a week. Though our sugar scrubs are packed with moisture; keep in mind that the scrub is intended to take away dead skin, lift dirt, and unwanted oils. If you have dry skin and you use it more than lets say, twice a week, you'll find that your skin will continue to dry out. 

If you have normal to oily skin you may find that you are able to exfoliate up to four times a week. 

If you have skin irritation such as sunburn or a rash; refrain from using the sugar scrub until your skin properly heals. 

Now that you are informed...What's your skin type and how often should you use your body scrub?