How I Super-Charge Before My Week.

We tend to dread the upcoming week. Work, school, activities, and extras. It can all be very overwhelming.

So here is what I do to Super-Charge before my busy week!


1. Give Thanks/Spiritually Connecting.

2. Plan out my week. I look over my calendar, set things in order.

3. Exercise! There is something about beginning my workouts on Sundays. I benefit from a  physical and mental charge after my workout. I walk, run, use my elliptical, and weight train. I find that when I exercise on Sundays, I am sure to exercise at least two-three days out of the week vs when I don't.  

4. Family time. I take this time to talk and hang out with my loved ones. We eat dinner together and finish off the evening with a movie or good conversation.

This format works for me and gives me the charge that  I need to have a successful productive week. It sets the tone for how I want things to go.