Keep Going!

After launching Tru Majestic, I remember having a talk with my aunt on the phone. She expressed to me how proud she was of me and her two great nieces for taking a stand and sharing something that we are passionate about.

She said to me...

Don't stop! Keep Going! No matter if you only get 1 follower or 100...

No matter if you get one sell a day, 100 sells, to no sells...

Don't stop! Keep Going!


I have had many ventures, ideas, and goals. Some of them I would quit before they would even began.  I would quit out of fear of the outcome. 

I had to change my narrative. I had to look at things differently. I had to stop being afraid of the..."What If". 

This time my thoughts are..."What If" this actually works?....."When this work, I will"!

I will Keep Going! 

Do what you are passionate about, trust YOUR process, and keep going! 

What's meant for you is for you but you will never know what's meant if you quit...So....

Keep Going!