Questions & Answers

Are your products natural? 

Our products are all-natural & hand-made by us. We use the finest shea butter as our base along with other butters that make up each collection. 

How often should I use the Body Butter and Sugar Scrubs?

Our Body Butters and Body Scrubs can be used as often as everyday and as little as once a week. It depends on your skin type and your desire. For dry skin it is recommended to use our Body Butter everyday until your skin restores it's hydration and our Body Scrub two or three times a week. For medium to normal skin, our Body Butters can  be used everyday and our Body Scrubs one to two times a week.

Why are the Body Butters different textures? 

Each collection is made up of it's own ingredients that make up it's healing properties and fragrance. Each collection takes to the ingredients differently. Some are firm and some are more frothy. Even though the textures differ, they all are solid while in the jar and as they are applied, they turn into an oil before absorbing into the skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth. You will not be left with an oily residue. 

Will we see more of you?

We love to talk and connect with our Majestic Treasures...old and new. We are currently working on our YouTube channel where we will have open discussions about our blogs and topics selected by you! We will be giving you a sneak peek of our process of making our products and much more!

What is next for Tru Majestic? 

Though our focus has been on our growing self-care line, Tru Majestic is an "umbrella brand". We have a few things lined up that will cater to most of your needs. Stay tuned! 😊