As a Wife, Mother, working full time, running an online store, and many other things I have going on, I believe that finding time to regroup is necessary. We like to call this time; Self ~Care. Though we love our exfoliating scrubs and our buttery body butter, Self~Care entails much more than grooming the outside.  We encourage care of the mind as well. With all of the tasks I have in one day, I often feel overwhelmed. I find myself getting headaches from being overworked throughout the week. It can be a lot to manage. So what do I do? Depending on the day will determine which route I may take. Some days I take some time out to do nothing! I light my candles, I sip a cup of hot tea of choice, and I do nothing! Some days I write. Writing for me has always been therapeutic.  I spend some time writing out my thoughts, inspiring quotes, or I will write what I like to call "burn letters". I will write something that has been bothersome to me and after I write it I dispose of it. That is my way of letting go. My favorite thing to do to cater to my mental health is meditation and working out. Yoga is a great combination of doing both however, I am in the beginning stages of Yoga. I separate the two. Whatever your vice is to incorporate Self~Care into your life, be sure to not only take care of your exterior but also tend to your interior as well.