Healing with Tru Majestic Body Butter

Hello to Our Majestic Treasures!

Have you ever experienced dry, cracked, or itchy skin?

You are not alone!

I am going to tell you how I repaired my skin with just a few all-natural products.

I suffered from dry skin for as long as I can remember. It made me frustrated! I would spend a ton of money on various products to repair my skin and I had little to no results.

I began to get insecure about my skin's appearance. Like my Dad (good ol' heredity curses) 😒  I developed dry patches on my back and legs. It was to the point that I  stopped wearing backless shirts and I would not show my legs for a while. 

After doing some research on eczema and other dry skin conditions I found that the reason my skin was not healing was due to some of the harsh chemicals that are in the products that I was using.

Once I began to use Trinity's Sugar Scrub, which would later become Tru Majestic Sugar Scrub, I realized that what I needed was all-natural moisture to take my skin regimen to the next level.

My Mom has always had unrefined Shea Butter in our home. She would use it all over her body and in her hair as a conditioner. I did a little more research and found that if I added natural oils to the Shea Butter it will enhance my healing process.

I started adding oils such as; jojoba oil (anti-inflammatory, ease effects of eczema), almond oil (fatty acids, helps reduce sun damage), and avocado oil (vitamin A, D, & E; good for moisture), to name a few.

I found that whipping the Shea Butter was easier than leaving it in its natural state due to the firmness of it. It can be a pain trying to put raw Shea Butter on your skin. It's extremely firm and it takes a lot to get it out of the "tub". Once I whip the butter to give it a smoother transition from the jar to my skin,  I would add my oils of choice and apply as needed.

I no longer have a problem with dry skin🤗.  I use Tru Majestic Shea butter every day sometimes twice a day for extra healing and moisture.


                  Tru Majestic Dynasty (Vanilla Butter Cream) Body Butter