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How you start will determine how you finish!

Set your morning off right with a positive thought, and watch how it shifts your day into a positive one.  Have you ever woke up and experienced something that wasn't so pleasant? You held on to what ever happened, and the next thing you knew, your whole day felt negative.  Most of us have experienced this exact scenario. It is common to do this, but don't fret; nothing is wrong with you! Simply try this... Wake up every morning and immediately put a positive thought in your mind. Hold on to that throughout the day; even if something not so pleasant happens...STAY POSITIVE.  Watch how your days improve!    Always TM   

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How Often Should You Use Your Sugar Scrub?

    Hello My Majestic Treasures!  We are often asked: How often should you use your sugar scrub?  It all depends on your skin type.  If you have dry skin and need extra moisture, we would recommend that you use your sugar scrub once or twice a week. Though our sugar scrubs are packed with moisture; keep in mind that the scrub is intended to take away dead skin, lift dirt, and unwanted oils. If you have dry skin and you use it more than lets say, twice a week, you'll find that your skin will continue to dry out.  If you have normal to oily skin you may find that you are able to exfoliate up to four times...

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