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Meet T. Trammell, Owner of Tru Majestic. She has now emerged into yet another profession; Meet T. Trammell, the Author! Take a glimpse into her world as you continue to put the pieces together of this amazing woman and all that she has to offer! 

About the Novel...

From a Mother’s perspective, Sonflower, Volume One…
2012 was the year that took the Trammell Family by storm¬¬---A brush with cancer,
losing a loved one, and feeling the desperation to hang on to life or death. This
story unfolds from the depths of Trina Trammell, Author, and her experience with what
would be the darkest moments of her life and overcoming them through a Spiritual
Love Story of Acknowledgment, Ownership, Accepting the Process, Growth, and the
ability to Move Forward.



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