**Important to Know**

Our Body Scrubs are Coconut based and as we know, temperatures can change the consistency of a coconut based Body Scrub. Don't be alarmed! If the scrub becomes more liquefied, store in a cool dry place. Do Not Freeze! If it becomes more solid, store in a warmer area. Do Not Microwave! Give it a stir and you are good to go!

When do you use Body Scrub; Before or after soap?

It is best to first wash your skin thoroughly with soap then apply your body scrub as your finish.

How long does the Body Scrub last? (Shelf life)

Our body scrubs have a shelf life of up to 6 months providing that YOU DO NOT GET WATER INTO THE JAR! We do not use preservatives in our products and water can create mold after a period of time due to the contents in the jar. It is best to use your scooping spoon that is provided with your scrub. 

How often do you use Body Scrubs?

Start off using body scrubs once a week. Gradually increase the amount of use up to 3-4 times a week. Your skin condition and goals will depend on how many times a week you use.


What are the benefits of using Body Butters?

Body Butters are packed with vitamins, fatty acids, and anti-aging properties. They are often used to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks, blemishes, and balancing the skin tone.

Can everyone use Body Butters?

Yes...Be sure that you do not have an allergy to Shea nut oil.

What's the difference between Shea Butter and Lotion?

Lotions are more hydrating to the skin due to having a water base. Body Butters are butter based providing more of a  "balm" to the skin. You'll find that with continued use of Body Butters, your skin will not dry out as fast and it will stay moisturized a lot longer throughout the day.

What is the texture of your Body Butter?

Tru Majestic Body Butter has a firm texture. It is easy to sample from the jar. When applied, it rubs on like a smooth oil melting into the skin.

Shipping Questions

How do I track my order? 
Once your order has been shipped you will be emailed your tracking information.