I opened my box today and I used my Body Butter. I am in love! My Boyfriend used it as well and he said "We will definitely be ordering again!"

~Corsica Smith 


Tru Majestic Whipped Body Scrub is truly A-MAZIN!!! Be prepared to introduce your skin to the three R's: Repair, Restore, and Rejuvenate! My old skin cells cleaned off while uncovering my new skin cells. The end result...my skin has a wonderful glow. I am not one who is fond of butter moisturizers but Tru Majestic have won me over! The mixture of butters with the other natural oils leaves a wonderful fragrance. The butter melts into your skin with a creamy texture and evenly seeps into the skin pours. Yessss....this is my choice of scrubs and moisturizers until the end of time! ~Marcella McLean   



I use my Body Butters during the week and my Body Scrubs over the weekend. I absolutely LOVE the Dynasty Collection. I found that the Scrubs give so much moisture after using it that it's not mandatory to use the Butter right after...unless you chose to of course. I am in love with the experience of Tru Majestic. I have since then purchased apparel among other essentials.  I am a forver customer!

~Kana Mack