The Story of Tru Majestic

Tru Majestic is a Brand Created to Inspire All to Know, Love, & Be Thyself.


Tru ~ To be in fact, of reality, real; an actual state or condition, not false.

Majestic ~ Royal, Queenly, Kingly, to exalt beauty, Great, Imperial, Majesty.


My name is Trina Trammell and I am the Founder/CEO of Tru Majestic. I was born and raised in the heart of New Jersey. The only girl, the middle child, and four brothers to fight with! With that combination, life was tough! From afar I admired my brothers connection with each other. My brothers had a bond that I had longed for. I almost felt like an only child due to being the odd ball stuck in the middle. To keep myself occupied, I would dress up in my Mother's dressy clothing, her long robe that would drag behind me as I walked, shoes, and I would wrap one of her shirts around my head to make my crown. I would walk around with my head held high as I pranced from room to room and say to myself, "I am the Queen of my Dynasty". I would tell myself constantly that I was going to be some one Great and I would belong. I took an interest of building my own Dynasty due to the show "Dynasty'. My Mother watched it religiously and I sat beside her asking every question under the sun about what was going on. Mind you, I was too young to understand.

Those days of "play" stayed with me for the rest of my life. As I became an adult and started a family of my own, I realized that I meant what I said. I wanted to build my own Dynasty. I dreamed of building something that I could pass down to my children. I often thought about my dreams and goals. I tried narrowing down ideas, however, it seemed as if nothing fit right. I felt it in me what I wanted to do but for some reason I ran from it. I remember posting a question on Facebook  to my social media friends asking their opinion about what it was I should do? I received many messages with the answer of counselor, entrepreneur, and someone simply said, "Be Something Great".  

I kept my thoughts on what it was that I wanted to do by journal writing and talking about it with family. I set goals and worked on them little by little. Then without warning, my life took a major turn. I experienced the most tragic loss a mother could endure. My ten year old son, Tyreek, passed away. He developed a brain tumor, Pontine Glioma. My life as it was came crashing down and my Dynasty was over. All of my hopes and dreams went out of the window. I didn't know how I would be able to pick up the pieces of my life from that point on.

A few years after my son's passing I began to heal. A large part of my healing process was remembering who I Am and getting in touch with my purpose. I burrowed within, finding that I am more than my sorrow, my struggles, my set backs, my fears, and even my accomplishments. I am a Queen, I am a Great, I am of Majesty, and I am Worthy. I know this of myself to be Tru.....